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​​CALL US Now!  905.273.4439  

What will you do with the debris after

cleaning my eaves trough?

Do you provide insurance proof?

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​Customized schedule 

100% Satisfaction guarantee
​ Fully-Insured 

Will the rain wreck my clean windows?

​​Office window cleaning

​​Storefront window cleaning

Dealership window cleaning

​All year round service
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Benefits of having your business windows professionally cleaned

How do you clean windows? 

What equipment do you use?

Benefits of having your business windows professionally cleaned

​   Frequenty asked questions

    Our commercial cleaning services include:

  • Storefronts & Restaurants  

  • Shopping malls & Interior retail cleaning

  • Low- rise Industrial & Office complexes

  • Sign & Awning cleaning

  • Garbage pick-up on  industrial sites

  • ​Dealerships

  • Window film removal​

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A positive company image. Your facility is the first impression you are giving to your future clients. Clean windows is a sign of

good management and professionalism and with us, you can be sure that your windows will be an asset to your business.

Affordable option. So many have decided to hire an established window cleaning company after considering the amount of

money they would spend on the cleaning equipment (squeegee, rags, extension poles), the cleaning solutions and the payment 

of the hired staff. Hiring a professional window cleaner is a cost-effective and practical solution.


Reliable service all year round. Imagine, no more worries about making sure your hired staff completes the work before an 

important event or during your busy season! Our team will be on schedule regardless of cold weather or even with last minute

notice. Dedicated Window Cleaning will be happy to help you developing a maintenance program that meet your needs


Much better results. A trained window cleaner uses a variety of methods that provides the

best results possible. We have the proper equipment and skills to ensure that even the

hardest windows to reach are sparkling clean.

Professional service. Our technicians are courteous and present themselves in
a professional mannerThe work is done efficiently and they will not interrupt 

your office work or interfere with your customer base.

Let us take care of your window cleaning needs while

you focus on more important business task.

Hundreds of businesses have been using our services for many years. 

Some of our customers are:

 Tim Hortons                              Shoppers drug mart         

 Mc Donalds                               Bulk Barn

 The Beer Store                         Sobeys

 Porsche dealership​                   Pizza Hut

 Pet Value​                                  Subway

 Rexall pharmacy​                       Red Loster

 Remax​                                      and many more..