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Q-Do I have to be at home when you give an estimate?
A-No, we can leave the estimate in the mailbox or send it by email.

Q-Do you provide insurance proof?
A-Yes, we do. A copy of our WSIB certificate and insurance can be send by email or fax upon request.

Q-Do you give an estimate over the phone?
A-Yes, we can for small and medium size homes only. Sometimes, we can also Google map your location and look at your home online. If not possible, ​ we will get back to you shortly with a quote.

Get answer to all your questions from our most Frequently Asked Questions

Window cleaning

Q-How do you clean the screens?

A-We wash them and wipe them down.

Q-Will the rain wreck my windows after being cleaned?

A-No, it won't. A clean glass will stay clean after a rain. Rain only spots the windows if they were already dirty. Over time, dust

residue deposits evenly on the glass surface. When it rains, it causes the dust to move around into different patterns and

makes the glass look dirtier. If there no dust on the pane, the water will dry out and your windows will sparkle again!

Q-How do you clean windows? What equipment do you use?

A- First, we scrub the pane with an anti-bacterial microfiber washer allowing the locked-in dirt to release.Then, we use a professional-grade squeegee to clean the glass. Bottom ledges are always wiped down. In case spots of dirt need to be

scraped off, we use special tools to protect the glass from scratches. We also change

our squeegee rubber regularly to ​ensure the cleaning job is satisfactory.

Eaves trough

Q-Do my gutter still need cleaning even if I there's a guard protecting it? 

A- Yes. Small leaves and debris can rest on the top of your mesh and bypass through

its holes. The top of your guards should be brushed when needed to prevent 

debris from accumulating in your gutters. We can also clean your eaves by 

removing and replacing the mesh, but it's more time consuming.

Q-What do you do with the debris after cleaning my eaves trough?

A-We put them in a lawn bag on the side of the road for the city to pick-up.


Q-Do you offer a discount if I pay cash?

A-Unfortunately, we can't. We are a very honest business and by law, we

have to charge HST. We always leave a receipt with our HST number on it.

Q-What type of payment do you accept?

A-We accept cheque or cash for residential cleaning.


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