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 Eaves trough cleaning

Will the rain wreck my clean windows?

How do you clean windows? 

What equipment do you use?

Our Experience Equals your satisfaction 

We have been operating as an independent professional window cleaning and eaves trough cleaning company since 1990. We have cleaned all types of windows and eaves troughs and there's no project too big. This is our profession and our technicians have the skills to meet your expectations. We don't hire college students without experience. Our technicians are well-trained, have the proper equipment and 

are very efficient. See for yourself! 

The Peace of Mind coverage

We carry commercial liability insurance and our residential technicians are

fully-insured. We are also in good standing with the Workplace Safety

Insurance Board and have an A+ Rating with BBB which is the highest level

rating possible. With us, you are in good hands!

Your Safety is our priority

Our technicians have all the equipment needed and keep them in good repair.

Safety procedures are always followed to ensure the protection of your

property and of your family. Our team has no criminal records. We are

trustworthy and have the up most respect for you. 

The  customer service you  deserve


How many times have you called a window cleaning company, left a message and didn't  hear back?

We answer the phone! And in the rare times we miss a call, we will return your call the same day . Also, we always follow-up with a reminder of the day and approximate time the technicians will be there. In case of a delay or bad weather, we will notify you right away.

"Joe and Anthony did a great job and I appreciate how organized you are with the phone calls and email confirmation." - Lorne from Mississauga  

We won't leave you until you are blown awaywith the results!

And if you notice that something was missed after we leave, we will quickly return 

to remedy the issue at our expense.

Dedicated Window Cleaning is committed to making you happy and will keep in 

close contact with you to ensure total satisfaction.

" The window cleaner is here now and he has done a perfect job. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter! "- Janet from Etobicoke 

What will you do with the debris after

cleaning my eaves trough?

100% Satisfaction guarantee


Residential window cleaning

Do you provide insurance proof?

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