​   Frequenty asked questions

How do you clean windows? 

What equipment do you use?

Will the rain wreck my clean windows?

We value your property

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     Our residential cleaning services include:

  • Complete exterior/ interior window cleaning 

  • French windows & storm windows

  • Light fixture & chandelier cleaning

  • Skylights & solarium

  • Awning, siding & soffit cleaning

  • Balcony glass & railings

  • Screens, frames & tracks

  • Height related services (change of light bulbs...)

  • Cobwebs removal​​, minor caulking

Save you time and energy. ​Window cleaning is a time-consuming chore. Hiring a professional window cleaner will free your time 

and allow you to engage in activities you truly enjoy. Why should you spend a week-end washing all of your windows when you

can have them done in only a few hours? 

Your windows will look amazing! Even though you feel you could perform the task yourself, you might not get the results expected. 

Streaks are often still visible when the sun shines trough. Our professional window cleaners use specific techniques when cleaning 

windows to ensure spotlessly clean windows. We will leave your windows better than ever imagined!


Safety. There are an average of 200 000 accidents every year in North America from falling off ladders. It's not worth putting your

life at risk! Our experienced team has the proper ladders to reach all type of windows and safety regulations are always followed.

Extend the life of your windows.  Dust, pollen, insect droppings, bird nesting and other

corrosive substances such as acid rain will contribute in building up dirt on your

windows. Cleaning them on a regular basis will remove these contaminations

before they oxidize and stain your windows permanently. 

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What will you do with the debris after

cleaning my eaves trough?

Why should I have my windows at home professionally cleaned?

Why should I have my windows at home professionally cleaned?

All technicians fully-insured​

Work done by ladder 

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No drips or streaks left​

​Meticulous attention to details

​​​Removal of environmental debris

Up to three stories high

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We use ladder stands-off and bumper pads.

We are careful not to step on your plants.

We always take off our shoes when we go inside.

We use green products safe for children and pets.

We use drop sheets to protect your floor surface.

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